Lee Cuesta

Lee Cuesta

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

11:11 experiences

I want you to share with me and my blog your “11:11 experiences” – how frequently and in what circumstances you involuntarily observe 11:11 on a digital clock or watch. Is it on the microwave oven? Is it on the computer at work? Or do you “just happen” to glance at your watch, and the time says “11:11”? What is your experience, and what does it mean to you? Why is this significant? Please vote on the poll at my website – leecuesta.com – how frequently you involuntarily observe 11:11 on a digital clock or watch. Feel free to post your comments here. Is there an impending 11:11 convergence? Be sure to read Appendix IV in my book, Once: Once, which means “11:11” in Spanish. Published four years ago, in 2001, my book, Once:Once (pronounced “OWN-say, OWN-say”), describes a convergence, both historical and mystical, which eleven:eleven signifies. In Appendix IV of my book, I wrote: “The 11:11 phenomenon includes several dimensions …yet they involve varying degrees of spirituality and mysticism. The most visible of these is the subconscious prompting to witness the flash of ’11:11’ on a digital clock or wristwatch. …So universal is this experience, in fact, that one leader organized an ’11:11 event’ in 1992. At 11:11 a.m., 11:11 p.m. and 11:11 Greenwich Mean Time on January 11, many thousands of participants across the globe, dressed only in white, presented dances that the leader had designed as an attempt to induce ‘those on high’ to open a mystical doorway, which will permit humans to step into the ‘next dimension of consciousness.’ …For many, 11:11 on a digital clock represents the only moment in time that looks the same in a mirror. For others, it signifies the moment at which there is perfect alignment, which the parallel lines of 11:11 indicate.”
Elsewhere, one psychic concurs: “All over the world, people are noting the 11.11 phenomenon. They see it on their watches, clocks, microwave ovens and computers. The 11.11 enigma is meaningful, they know, but there are dozens of theories about it.” He says that “for many years (he) has learned from and worked with his very own ‘group of Celestials,’” and that “11.11 is their worldwide ‘trademark,’ ‘call sign,’ or ‘courtesy reminder call.’”
For this reason (due to its mystical, spiritual and visionary elements), my book, Once:Once, has a five-star review at a website called spiritdimension.com.

Has your phone ever rung precisely at 11:11? Who was calling?

Some say that to pray precisely within the moment of 11:11 is to experience an entirely open channel to the Cosmic Awareness.

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